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NYC at
Rob Peetoom
Haircuts 155$
Color 175-400
*dependent on service booked
See more info below​



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Dry Cutting
Lived In Color

What are the benefits to a Dry Cut?


When dry cutting you are working with the hair in a way that allows you to not just cut but craft. While the hair is dry I can see and create visual texture, reduce overly dense areas in the hair and even add volume in areas needed. Dry cutting takes the haircut and elevates it to create a personalized haircut for your specific hair structure and density.

What is Lived in Hair Color?

The term lived-in hair color is catching trend faster and faster. The idea behind lived-in hair color is creating a beautiful impactful color that has an effortless grow out. Lived in Color keeps you with gorgeous hair that lasts longer minimize in the long-run cost and time.

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