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Lived in Color

Low Maintenance painted in for an effortless style.

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What is Lived in Color?

Lived in Color is to me, that effortless color. It grows out seamlessly and feels as if your hair could have created this color from merely living in it. It is about creating the subtle nuances and shifts from one tone to the next. It is dimensional, soft and yet bold when it needs to be. Utilizing multiple tones to create a gradient in the hair and pops of color where needed.

When you balayage?

When you do LIved in Color?

This is for me specifically and all artist have different approaches. With that said the biggest difference for these two with me is how light you want the hair.

Balayage is going to give more subtle tonal differences. Great for brunettes who want so subtle changes without going to lights.

Lived in Color can achieve brighter results as it utilizes foiling as a balyage technique.

Similarities: They both create beautiful dimensional color that has a gradient effect.

What layered gloss/toning does.

Want to the root highlights but have them grow in a way that is organic and more low maintenance than old school highlights?

Combining baby lights with root tap techniques help soften the growing process. Root tap color does not need to be dark, in fact my favorite techniques include applying a small amount of a slightly darker blonde at the base of the highlight that melds into the lightest. It makes you highlights feel as if they are growing in vs painted in.

What is Balayage?

Balayage or "painted highlights are created typically tho not always with a clay lightener that encases allowing the artist to paint on the hair directly without the need for foils. It can create beautiful blends of color and/or subtle transitions of tone.

Often I will implement balayage techniques with foil techniques to create personalized color.

Dimensional Toning

or Layered Toning/Gloss

SInce glosses are performend at the shampoo bowl on wet hair, the demi permanent color only process for 20 mins vs 30 min or longer for single process.

Essentially this is a quick pick me up express service. With the color being applied and rinsed in about 30 mins vs the longer application and process on dry hair a demi permanent color needs for grey blending.

*For grey blending always book Single-Process. Unsure Book a single process. I'd always prefer to have more time needed than less! Beautiful hair isn't rushed.


Genuinely it is up to you! These kinds of service grow out the easiest compared to many other. Often just a gloss is needed to refresh tone or even just a face frame Highlight if you want that pop of color again as it grown out.

What Our Clients Say

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