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Dry Cutting

Why Dry Cutting? why is it that 80% of the time I favor dry cutting? For simplest reason it resonates with me more. It feels more organic to work with hair in the element it lives in. There are of course more specific reason but at the core, that is it. Wanna know more of the process and the why, Check it our below!

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Prep and Consultation

Consultation is crucial to the success of a great haircut and style. This time is there to figure out what you do and don't like about your hair. What style is best for you considering everything from lifestyle, maintenance and your unique hair type.

Wash and Treatment

Relaxation and hydration. Two washes are provided unless otherwise specified. Why? First wash is a cleansing wash, performed with a shampoo specifically set up to cleanse any product etc from the scalp. The second one is for the actual purpose providing the scalp with the "nutritional aspects of the shampoo. Dry hair/scalp=moisture, damage and or friz=protein.

*Think you wash your floors before you wax. Clease before you treat!

Dry and Cut

The personal portion of the cut. Here on blown out hair I create your unique shape based on your hair type and density. A portion of why I love dry cutting is it creates a joint experience in the cutting process. When working on fringes or specific face frame layers and lengths for example. We can revisit what we have already discussed and confirm together that these lengths are what we both envision and best accentuate your face and style.

Hair and Scalp Concerns

As important as the ends we are cutting off, is the scalp in which it grows. Our hair begins its journey with us here. So we should take care of it. Dry vs Oily. Specific Scalp concerns. Even if it is something out of the realm of my control I always want to address and help you find the person who can. Hair that starts healthy from the scalp, stays healthy to the ends.

Establish Perimeter and line work.

Dry Cutting is about creating movement in the hair the way it lives. It allows you to adjust to unique density and hair types. But first we establish a perimeter or length on wet hair and we might establish general shape wet depending on the end goal. This is the building block before we fine tune.

Final style and look

As we are working a good portion of the cut through smoothed out blow dried hair, often the final style will need a retouch. After all, half the joy of being in the salon is the salon hair exit.

So blowout touchups or curling is included free of charge at the end of the service. Since we end up brushing out much of the style from cutting it dry!

*Flat Iron work is not included and is an additional charge as it typically takes a significant amount of extra time.

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