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Products I Love

A quick and accessible area for my favorite styling products, shampoo, conditioners, scalp care, etc. If you cant find what we discussed in salon or just want to have an easy place to buy all you product regimens. Here it is with links to buy them from as well as links on how to use them, what it is they are doing and why its beneficial to you hair.

Creating your Balance

When looking to create a style that last and works for your hair, think balance. A balacnce of moisture and hold. Dry hair needs moisture to combat the elements. Flat hair needs hold. Oily hair needs cleansed.


Flat fine hair at the root prone to weighing down. Volumizing mousse

Paired with dry dehydrated ends, a texture styling cream. cream based products have moisture yet the texture style cream will have hold for the fine hair ends.

texture serum.webp
K18 image.jpg

Healthy Hair,
Healthy Scalp

Creating a style is only capable when we take care of the health of our hair, and also our scalp. The two create an environment for our hair style to thrive and be the hair we want.

Styling Go To's


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