• Trent Matthews

Struggling Artist to Prospering Creative

Why does Artist have the title “ Struggling Artist” so attached to them?

The image of an artist peddling paintings on the side of the road is engraved in what many people have thought of when they think of a person going into the arts as career field choice. Its true in some cases that artist are often poor working other jobs to support their arts in the hopes that one day we will make it big. Land that one gig that takes us to the upper echelon of life. But why are we so focused on getting that “lottery” moment rather than using our creativity to build a better life.

Tackling life creatively. Great success came from people who had a vision and were innovative in achieving that vision. All of which are concepts that creative people could and should do. And I would like to say that creative people is not just limited to artist when we talk about this. Most of us have some level of innovative nature in us to be tapped into. Creativity is part of human nature ever since we were children, but were taught that being creative wont yield you a successful life. But what if creativity could be the savior to a stagnant life where you always seem to be just slightly behind the goals you want to achieve. You’re your creativity; your artist side can do just that for you to help you push your life forward.

Innovation and Creativity could and should be applied to all parts of your life. Its not just bound to an artist and the canvas. Your life is the canvas and you the painter. In finances, travel, business and etc. Looking at the part of you life that seems to be stagnant. Is it your finances? Experts in finance are resourceful with their money; they are creative about it in their own way. Want to travel more (don’t we all) so what can we do to turn those dream destinations to reality. We don’t live in a traditional 9-5 society anymore and we don’t have to be bound to those rules. This gives us the chance to break and create a life we truly want, but its time we started looking at our life differently than what is traditionally expected from us.

More to come on breaking into a new Creative Life concept!

Trent Matthews

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