• Trent Matthews

Trent Matthews: A Creative Life

What is a Creative Life? To me its freedom. Freedom to create, travel, experience the world and all things in it, but what is it to you? A Creative Life is one where your life is the experience. A chance to break down what is expected of you, me, us. To make you life your own creative experience and what that can entail.

So here is my version of a Creative Life. As an artist I seek creative freedom and freedom from the hardships that crush most of us from ever hoping to be in the life that we see for ourselves. Now first I will challenge you to see if the life you envision is worth it? Does your ideal life include mansions and yachts… well unfortunately this blog might not take you in that direction. However, I think most of us dream of wealth because it generates the idea of a life that we can do as we please. This can be done by creating a life with what we are given and making it amazing with what we have. Now it’s not just a learn to appreciate what you do have thing either (although it is a good mindset to have). This is about understanding where we can cut our extravagancies and expectations to grow and establish a mindset that will create a better life, full of travel, experiences and the ability to do as you see fit in this world.

About me; I am a artist, hairstylist, writer, Buddhist and 100% Renaissancist. Renaissancist defined is “A modern, well-read person or artist who has a great interest in the Renaissance and often lives by certain principles of it. Mainly concerns himself/herself with self improvement, education of sciences, written arts and philosophy. A Renaissancist tends to think independently without external influences and aims to be self-reliant.” As found on the Urban Dictionary. I’m prone to new ideas, new discoveries and going, doing and seeing new places and things. Of all the things in life that I want, the freedom to explore and grow is what I want most.

I want this so I can experience more than what is laid in front of me. The struggle of course is the how. How do you make these things possible? Well that’s the goal. A path to discover what in life can be done to create maximum living and the keeping life from becoming to stagnant. A strange intersection of minimalism meets opulence. Living small to live big.

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