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Single Process and Gloss Services

What is a SIngle Process vs a Gloss. How to know when you need either and the difference between a Demi Permanent Color and Permanent Color. Why and when each is used and recommended.

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SIngle Process

Single process can be either Permanent or Demi-Permanent. Single Process color is performed on dry hair and is when you want to change your natural color a few shades light or darker via permanent color. It is also for complete grey coverage (permanent color) or grey blending/softening (demi-permanent color.

Permanent vs Demi-Permanent color

Easiest way to tell the difference is Permanent color lifts then deposits, while demi-permanent color only deposits (or very minimally lifts).

Why this matters. Want full coverage on grey hair? Wanna shift your natural color a few shades, You use a permanent color.

Want to use color that doesnt change your natural but possible add tone or soften the grey, demi-permanent color.

The Pros and Cons of each

Permanent Color

Pros: full grey coverage, can shift and make your color lighter a few shades if does not have previous color on it.

Cons: Because it lift then deposits, it will grow in with a line of demarcation(meaning it is a high maintenance color) you will have roots.

Demi Permanent Color

Pros: Will not grow in with a line of demarcation as it deposits color only with no to very minimal lifts. WIll not change your natural color but will add tone

Cons: Does not cover grey, you can get some grey blending to soften the grey. But this type of color does not promise to cover the grey.


This color service is performed at the shampoo area on wet hair. It is perfect for a refresh on tone on old highlights/balayage or to add tone you your natural color

Utilized Demi-Permanent color only.

Gloss services are never performed with permanent color

Why a gloss wont give grey blending? Why do you need to book a Single-Process?

SInce glosses are performend at the shampoo bowl on wet hair, the demi permanent color only process for 20 mins vs 30 min or longer for single process.

Essentially this is a quick pick me up express service. With the color being applied and rinsed in about 30 mins vs the longer application and process on dry hair a demi permanent color needs for grey blending.

*For grey blending always book Single-Process. Unsure Book a single process. I'd always prefer to have more time needed than less! Beautiful hair isn't rushed.

Clear Gloss

Gloss services can also be done without any tone. Demi-Permanent color is great for added shine and luster to the hair. Since it does not lift and only deposits, it will seal your cuticle down for an extra layer of shine to any service.

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Grev Coverage

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Covering those stubborn sparkles in the hair for a more uniform color. Maintenance 4-8 weeks

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Base Shifting

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Looking to alter your base color by going a few levels lighter. Unsure if this would work for you! Feel free to schedule a free consultation.

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Grey Blending-Single Process

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Blending out the grey without full coverage for softer more low maintenance grow out in comparison to its counter. Single Process with Permanent color.

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All over gloss. Applied at the shampoo bowl on damp hair is perfect for tonal adjustments. Ex. Eliminating brass or adding richness back to color. Can also be used to go darker with a color that fades out over time for a color with less commitment.

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