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Trent Matthews

Trent Matthews Written Word


By Trent Matthews

It creeps in slowly

Taking advantage of the small cracks,

In a less than perfect form.


As it seeps in it begins to poison.

What was once alive

Begins to fade in front of you.


You fight.

But it finds more cracks.

So it digs deeper.


You become less than what you were,

Not even present.

You yell.

You curse.

You fight with those around you.


It's winning.

So you put another seal,

Over another crack.

What was once open and free,

Is closing.

So many cracks sealed…

So many things to protect against…

How will the good ever get in?


By Trent Matthews


I’m going to do Extraordinary things…



For the rest of my life.


I’m going to do extraordinarily good things…

For the people in my life that I love,

For the stranger on the street,

For myself.


I’m going to be a part of something extraordinary…

Something that will make me a better me.

Something that is bigger than me.

Something that makes me proud to be me.


I’m going to be part of an extraordinary generation…

A generation that rights the wrongs.

A generation that sees love.

A generation that is persistent and involved.

A generation that is conscious of our fellow man/woman.

A generation that will be a beacon for a turning point of success.


Success in wealth, not for ourselves but for everyone.

Success in love, for acceptance of friend and foe.

Success for justice, to be just and fair for all men created equally.

Success for us, all of us.


A generation bound to be known as extraordinary.

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